A Solana Spaces store will bring 100K people each month to Solana.

Solana Spaces CEO Vibhu Norby stated that the new physical Solana stores would introduce up to 100,000 people to the Solana ecosystem each month, while also indicating plans to open a virtual storefront soon. 

On July 28, the first Solana Spaces shop opened in the swanky Hudson Yards New York shopping center, thanks to a grant from the Solana Foundation.

In an impromptu Twitter AMA on launch day, Norby explained that the store is intended to teach new users how to use Dapps and that it would introduce thousands of people to the Solana blockchain. 

“I don’t think people realize it, but these stores will bring 50 to 100,000 people into Solana every month — and that’s just this year.”

In a phone interview with Cointelegraph after the AMA, Norby said the shop had 400 visitors and that new U.S.-based physical stores were in the works, and that ” the shop was designed for people new to blockchain.” 

Solana (SOL) is home to over a thousand decentralized apps (Dapps), including trading platforms, gaming, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), as well as social media. 

While Solana Spaces opened its first location on Thursday, Norby hinted that a virtual store, in addition to physical locations, was in the works. He also stated that he aspires to open stores in every country on the planet. 

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