What Are The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) ?

When it comes to thinking of unique and innovative ways to apply technology like Blockchain, people usually consider its application in supply chain management or as a digital currency. However, its potential is majorly disregarded when it comes to the high-demanding gaming industry; this is where The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) go into play.

What are The Crypto Prophecies?

The Crypto Prophecies is a decentralized peer-to-peer price prediction game with adorable collectible characters called Crypto Prophets who can outgun their enemies in battle with magical weapons. Decide how much you want to bet and compete against another player to see how many candles will burn out. Because this is a timed, point-based game, you must move quickly and be aware of your opponents’ magical spells! 

How do The Crypto Prophecies work? 

Before engaging in a battle with another player, each player wagers their tokens.

The battle is won by correctly predicting how each 10-second candle will close, with the winner having the advantage to attack their opponent. Players take control of “Prophets” who can use “Magic Items,” which are all NFTs.They can then improve their abilities by combining various Magic Items with Prophets of various tiers. You must burn a certain number of NFTs to obtain a higher-tier prophet. 

What is the TCP token?

The TCP token, like many other in-game cryptocurrencies, is a fungible token that drives The Crypto World’s internal economy. All TCP tokens in The Crypto Prophecies have the same value because the TCP token adheres to the ERC-20 token standard.

This standardization of token value ensures the integrity of The Crypto Prophecies economy as well as the regulation of all wagers, purchases, and other uses of the TCP token. 

Benefits of integrating an in-game Wallet

The in-game (Hot) Wallet integrated into “The Crypto Prophecies” allows players to purchase TCP tokens on any Plygon or Ethereum exchange and transfer them to their in-game Wallet for seamless use.

Zero transaction fees

Are you tired of rising fees and slow transaction speeds? The Crypto Prophecies can provide faster loading times, fewer transaction approvals, and a more seamless gameplay experience by leveraging the in-Game Wallet. Furthermore, the in-game (Hot) Wallet may offer zero transaction fees for upcoming free-to-play game modes.

Cross-chain support

Isn’t that the most exciting part? Users can compete against other players regardless of where they purchased their TCP. Polygon players can quickly load up their TCP and compete against other players who purchased their TCP on the Ethereum network in a true cross-chain solution.

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