An Amazon Managed Blockchain service will offer new Bitcoin querying capabilities

Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) announced an upgrade to its Access and Query functions on July 26, ushering the tech giant deeper into Web3. The announcement was made during the two-day AWS Web3/Blockchain Summit in New York City, representing a significant step forward in Amazon’s blockchain services.

Amazon Managed Blockchain, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, is intended to make it easier for enterprises, startups, and individual developers to construct and operate scale blockchain networks. The decision to improve AMB’s Access and Query capabilities gives users more access to their network activity data and transaction history.

“Amazon Managed Blockchain Access and Query provide friction-free access to blockchain networks and their data so developers can easily create their Web3 applications,” said Saman Michael Far, AWS’s VP of Financial Services Technology.

This service improvement is intended to result in more informed decision-making and increased customer operating efficiency.

AMB’s Access capability has been enhanced to allow serverless and scalable blockchain access. This enables developers to interface with digital assets and distributed applications across various blockchains using normal remote procedure calls, a mechanism for tasking an external computing source with specific functions. Initially, the service will only support the Bitcoin network.

Through application programming interfaces (API), AMB’s Query feature gives developers access to blockchain data across several chains, beginning with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Amazon is implementing a pay-as-you-go strategy for this service, with the goal of improving user accessibility and affordability.

Custodial and wallet crypto applications, as well as Web3 consumer interaction initiatives utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are potential use cases for the enhanced AMB services. Amazon’s upgrading of these services demonstrates the company’s commitment to the Web3 domain, putting the internet behemoth as a key player in the global shift towards blockchain usage.

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