Bitcoin(BTC) of America’s Customer Service is Advancing the Crypto Industry

Bitcoin of America, a popular BTM operator, is changing the way we think about cryptocurrencies. The United States Department of Treasury (FinCEN) has registered Bitcoin of America as a money services business (RegNum). Currently, they have over 2,500 Bitcoin ATMs across 31 states. The company offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash for purchase in major cities.

have A major update has been made to Bitcoin of America’s customer support services. Several updates have been made to Bitcoin of America’s customer support services. When customers are new to the cryptocurrency industry, the popular operator recognizes the struggle they go through. Bitcoin of America has a fast response time and a high answer rate. This has made it a breeze for customers since they normally never have to wait in a cell line. They even provide their customers with real Bitcoin expert agencies, unlike multiple operators in the industry.

 The prevalent operator has already seen major success in educating their customers. This is due to the very knowledgeable support team of bitcoin. Bitcoin(BTC) of America’s team can help with anything from basic cryptocurrency questions to how to operate a Bitcoin ATM. The team is focused on their customers and developing a personalized experience. Bitcoin of America is hoping that its new top-of-the-line customer support will help make a better user experience.

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