Cardano(ADA) Founder Charles Hoskinson Joins Search for Aliens and UFOs

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson confirmed on Twitter that he is part of an expedition searching for an interstellar meteor that crashed onto Earth in 2014. The Galileo Project, which is part of Harvard University, is conducting the search for the meteor, whose origin has been verified by the United States Department of Defense.

Cardano founder invests in search for aliens

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, spent $1.5 million towards the Galileo Project in March 2023. Hoskinson confirmed his presence with the researchers on the Pacific Ocean coast of Papua New Guinea on June 16th, sending updates via a series of Tweets. He noted in one of his tweets that there was still a lot of ground to cover and that they needed to start utilizing the sluice sledge. Meanwhile, Loed, another expedition member, keeps a blog where he offers daily updates on the expedition’s progress. He mentioned the finding of a manganese-platinum wire with a unique abundance pattern that differs from frequently available commercial items in a post dated June 16th. The expedition’s experts believe in the possibility of alien life and believe that the meteor that crashed into the ocean is part of an unidentified flying object.

Cardano founder invests in more fun projects

Hoskins is recognized for investing in quirky, amusing initiatives that push the bounds of what is expected. In March 2022, the Cardano founder said that he has invested in a project to resurrect the woolly mammoth in order to bring blockchain into the “field of de-extinction.”

How is ADA holding up?

Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA, has seen its value fall in recent weeks. The token has lost around 1.72% of its value in the last week, according to CoinMarketCap data. Since June 1, 2023, when it was valued at about $0.3751, ADA has declined to around $0.2766 on June 18, 2023, representing an 18.9% decrease this month.

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