Cryptocurrency payment firm Alchemy Pay adds SEPA deposits in Europe

New deposit options have been launched by Alchemy Pay, including a euro instant solution, SEPA Instant, and a UK faster payment option.Alchemy Pay, a cryptocurrency payment platform, is expanding its payment choices by integrating new on-ramps new ways to buy cryptocurrency throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Alchemy Pay has offered new deposit choices, including the euro immediate solution, SEPA immediate, and the U.K. rapid money transfer option, Faster Payments.

Alchemy Pay announced the news on November 29 and noted that the new payment methods aim to ease the purchase of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin by allowing transfers to be executed in “seconds to a few minutes.” European Alchemy Pay clients can buy up to 5,000 euros ($5,460) in bitcoin via SEPA Instant, while Faster Payments has a transfer limit of up to 5,000 British pounds ($6,320). After completing Know Your Customer checks, consumers in 30 European nations and the United Kingdom can access these two new channels.

SEPA Instant payments in Europe and Faster Payments in the United Kingdom join a number of supported local payment channels, including the Polish Blik payment system, Bancontact, Skrill, and others. “This move further amplifies Alchemy Pay’s payment network throughout Europe, surpassing emerging markets and broadening its influence,” the company’s press release said. Alchemy Pay presently supports 300 fiat payment channels in 173 countries, primarily in Southeast Asia, according to the release. The platform is actively extending its payment service globally, recently obtaining new licenses in the United States, including Iowa and Arkansas. Alchemy Pay additionally secured licences in operating markets such as Indonesia and Lithuania in February 2023.

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