Despite virtual setbacks, Solana brings crypto to the real world

The hack of thousands of Solana-related digital wallets was the talk of the crypto world on Wednesday, except at the recently opened retail space dedicated to the blockchain network in New York’s Hudson Yards. While Solana Spaces was mostly empty when it first opened at 10 a.m., it saw much more traffic during its second opening last week, with “Solana Spaces Ambassadors” roaming the store eager to help educate the crypto curiously. That is the IRL, or in real life, the experience that facility operators want to provide. The store was launched in conjunction with the release of Solana Mobile’s Saga, an Android phone. 

Solana Spaces CEO Vibhu Norby stated that they have completed over 1,000 tutorials, with a lot of interest in the merchandise and rewards distributed in the form of USDC stablecoin tokens and NFTs.”The store is very purposefully built, attempting to guide you along some kind of path,” Norby explained.”This is really just a demo and beta test of what else we’re working on.”Norby, who had a two-year lease, stated that he was not interested in a long-term or pop-up agreement. 

 The retail veteran stated that they will announce expansion plans at the Solana conference in November.”With a hundred percent certainty, there will be another opening,” Norby said.”We’re going to spread these around.” 

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