ETH Scaler Starknet Launches Testnet for Transformative ‘Quantum Leap’ Upgrade

Ethereum’s scaling solution Starknet has launched its layer-2 network testnet. the roll-out is the first step towards putting the updated solution, codenamed Starknet Quantum Leap, to the mainnet around July 13, assuming it wins a community vote. The network upgrade is focused on improving overall performance, which is presently touted as “unparalleled” in the Ethereum ecosystem.

According to the blog post, throughput has “surged” from an average of 30,000 Cairo steps per second (CSPS) in the previous version to 220,000 CSPS in Quantum Leap, an almost 10x improvement. “This remarkable achievement results from targeted optimizations that underpin the efficiency of the Starknet Sequencer,” wrote the blog post, listing Cairo-rs, Blockifier, and Papyrus as significant technical aspects that contributed to the improvement. Higher throughput means that network transactions can be handled faster, but it frequently comes at the sacrifice of the network’s decentralization. However, high throughput is commonly regarded as important for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, as it facilitates the development of responsive apps with a user experience more akin to traditional centralized systems. High throughput, on the other hand, is commonly regarded as important for decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, as it makes it easier to construct responsive applications with a user experience more like to traditional centralized systems.

Eliminates pending transactions

The new network upgrade, in addition to greatly speeding up transactions, removes the “PENDING” status for transactions and replaces it with “ACCEPTED_ON_L2,” which, according to StarkWare, shows the “finality status of transactions.”StarkWare stated that its next move will be to improve the user experience and transaction dependability. It also stated that the future version will include other features such as the inclusion of unsuccessful transactions in blocks and the ability to charge a fee for them. Following that, the firm’s next objective is to “dramatically reduce transaction costs,” according to its future plans. Starknet is a “ZK-Rollup” solution that works as a second layer on top of the Ethereum network, providing faster and cheaper transactions primarily for DeFi customers.

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