Ethereum (ETH) ‘Dencun’ upgrade testing is now scheduled for Jan. 17

On January 17, the Ethereum “Dencun” update will be implemented on the Goerli testnet, followed by the Sepolia and Holesky testnets in the coming weeks. According to a comment released on the official Ethereum GitHub repository, “Cancun-Deneb” (also known as “Dencun”) will begin testing on Jan. 17. The upgrade will be applied to the Goerli testnet first, then to Sepolia on January 30 and Holesky on February 7. The Ethereum team has yet to set a date for when Dencun will be added to the mainnet. The latest version includes various tools aimed at lowering fees, allowing for additional bridge and staking pool features, and limiting the use of self-destruct operations on smart contracts.

Dencun, according to its development papers, will include Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844, often known as “proto-danksharding.” This will enable layer-2 rollup networks such as Arbitrum, Base, Polygon zkEVM, and others to temporarily store transaction data in a new format known as “blobs.” Blobs expire after 18 days, however the current practice is to include the data in the “CALLDATA” field and preserve it on the blockchain indefinitely. Proto-danksharding, according to Ethereum developers, will dramatically cut transaction fees on tier 2s. Dencun also includes EIP-6780, a proposal to limit the use of the self-destruct keyword. Self-destructs can now be used to destroy the code for a smart contract and send all of its cash to the account that deployed it if incorporated into the contract before distribution. This keyword will not remove the code after Dencun unless it is called within the same transaction in which it was deployed. Even if it is called in a future transaction, the keyword will still transmit all cash to the deployer. Before being released to the mainnet, Ethereum improvements are often tested for several months. On February 7, the prior deployment, codenamed “Shapella,” began testing. On April 12, it was made available on the mainnet.

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