Ethereum(ETH) Foundation tech powers gasless wallet transactions

Ethereum(ETH) layer two-specialized wallet BLS Wallet launched an integration with smart contract layer  ETH layer two protocol Metis promising feeless transactions.

An announcement was shared with Crypto. The new integration will make it easier for web 2.0 users to transition to web 3.0 applications. This will be accomplished, among other things, through pre-funded transactions that are free to the end user and social key recovery, which will reduce the consequences of private key mishandling. 

Developers using the Metis ecosystem have the freedom to switch between BLS Wallet and regular transactions, and they can easily onboard Web 2.0 users via gasless transactions, which makes interactions more similar to traditional web interface interactions without the use of digital assets. 

The protocol also supports signature aggregation, which allows many transactions to be processed as a single large transaction to save money. All of these features add up to what James Zaki, project lead at BLS Wallet and privacy and scaling explorations group, refers to as “account abstraction.”

The BLS wallet is a member of the Ethereum Foundation’s privacy and scaling explorations team. The announcement comes after the valuation of competing wallet Blocto Wallet increased 700% following its Series A funding round, which included notable investors such as Mark Cuban and 500 Global. 

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