How Cardano (ADA) beat 5,230 altcoins to this major position

  • As social activity increased, bullish sentiment outweighed bearish comments
  • The hike was driven by increased market participation, but not by DeFi

Cardano (ADA has risen 116 places to become the market’s highest altcoin based on social and market activity, according to LunarCrush. Typically, the crypto-social intelligence platform uses its own “Altrank” algorithm to determine position.

Altrank was created by LunarCrush to compare a cryptocurrency’s community traction and market importance to other assets.

Thanks to the community

However, given the hurdles the currency has recently encountered, ADA would not have been able to leapfrog other cryptocurrencies to the prominent position without the involvement of its community. ADA’s social engagements grew by 71.4% in the last 24 hours, according to LunarCrush statistics. This increase indicates that community contact across numerous social sources has improved overall.

The price of Cardano’s native coin was another feature of the Cardano ecosystem that contributed to this. ADA’s value has dropped by 28.83% in the last seven days. However, in the last 24 hours, the price increased by 8.33%, and it was trading at $0.27 at press time.

The price increase affected people’s attitudes about ADA. The price increase affected people’s attitudes about ADA. LunarCrush’s additional analysis found that positive feelings exceeded the market’s pessimistic impression. At the time of publication, the bullish sentiment metre had increased by 44.59%, while the negative figure had increased by 7.73%. This implied that market players were pleased with ADA’s short-term price movement.

TVL drops, but addresses get lit

The situation of Cardano’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has not changed in the last seven days. Despite the fact that the project recently reached a milestone in this regard, it has dropped 14.48% in the previous 24 hours. TVL is used to assess the health of a protocol. It also takes into account the unique smart contract deposits. As a result, as liquidity pours into the closed protocols, the TVL rises. The TVL, on the other hand, declines when investors hold back on deposits.

In addition, as seen by development activity, the number of public GitHub repositories has decreased. According to Sentiment, Cardano’s development activity was down to 84.6 at the time of publication. As a project that consistently performs on this front, the fall indicates that developers took a back seat in improving network upgrades. Another encouraging trend is the increase in 24-hour active addresses. When this measure falls, it indicates that numerous distinct addresses are no longer actively participating in transactions. When the metric is in a state similar to ADA’s, it suggests that a token’s utility is increasing. Following that, users have taken advantage of it by browsing the blockchain and transacting.

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