Investors yank out  € 28.5 million this month from Bitcoin(BTC)

In all, Bitcoin outflows were Euro € 20.6 million, bringing the month-to-date outflows to Euro € 28.5 million. Short-Bitcoin positions welcomed Euro € 2.5 million in inflows.

Fast facts

  • Last week, investors pulled our Euro € 16.7 million from digital asset investment products.
  • During the last week, European exchanges received Euro € 19.6 million in inflows, while North and South American exchanges received Euro € 35.4 million in outflows.
  • Euro € 3.8 million was inflowed into altcoins, with Uniswap recording Euro € 98477.7 in inflows, or 6.6% of assets under management.
  • “Given the small sample size, it’s difficult to determine whether this represents a significant change in sentiment,” Butterfill said. “Minor outflows have been observed from a variety of providers.” It also comes at a time of low trading volume and price recovery, suggesting that some light profit-taking may occur.”

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