Polygon Labs launches an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Polygon Copilot

Polygon Labs announced Polygon Copilot, an AI helper. Polygon Copilot had been trained on protocol documents, according to the business. It includes personas who can explain this information to users of varying degrees of knowledge.

In “beginner” and “advanced” levels, the software may explain numerous topics. It also has a “degen” mode that provides insights and analytics about NFTs, DeFi, and wallets. This mode writes with “flair” — or, to put it another way, speaks in memes. Users can also direct Polygon Copilot to mint zkEVM and POS-based NFTs via the chat interface of the assistant.

Putting Polygon Copilot through its paces

When asked during CryptoSlate’s testing, Polygon Copilot was able to estimate a market cap close to MATIC’s actual size in USD. When prompted, it did not return the balance of a MATIC address. It did, however, provide instructions on how to find that balance using a CLI tool rather than an online block explorer.

Polygon stated that in order to minimize spam, it has limited the number of requests that users can submit. It did, however, state that customers may earn additional points through referrals and partner deals. The settings of Polygon Copilot show that credits are refreshed everyday; it also lets users enter their own OpenAI API for endless credits. Polygon Copilot is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, however its options indicate that other GPT versions can be utilized. Layer-E is the firm that created the app.

Other crypto platforms offer AI chatbots

Polygon is not the first corporation to introduce an AI helper. On June 20, Avalanche introduced its own chatbot, AvaGPT. Binance’s Sensei chatbot, Solana’s ChatGPT plugin, Crypto.com’s Amy chatbot, and ByBit’s ToolsGPT are among the other AI crypto assistants.

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