Polygon launches decentralized ID based on ZK proofs

Polygon, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol, has released to the public a zero-knowledge decentralized identity solution nearly a year after announcing its development. 

The Polygon ID service employs zero-knowledge proofs (ZK proofs), which employ cryptographic techniques to allow users to verify their identity online without their sensitive information being passed or potentially stored with a third party.

The Polygon ID project was publicly released on March 1, nearly 12 months after it was launched as a closed-source project. According to Polygon ID’s creators, it was designed to “solve the issue of digital trust.” What distinguishes Polygon ID from most other decentralized ID frameworks is its use of zero-knowledge technology, which allows users to verify their identities or other credentials without revealing sensitive information, Polygon said. 

The public release adds four new tools to the Polygon ID toolkit: Verifier SDK, Issuer Node, Wallet SDK, and Wallet App, allowing Polygon developers to integrate decentralized identity into their applications. 

Users can interact with smart contracts and verify information on-chain by producing zero-knowledge proofs with off-chain credentials such as a passport, national ID, or a bachelor’s degree. 

In a March 1 tweet, Polygon ID co-founder David Schwartz stated that the product was built “on the latest decentralized identity standards,” which will help protect developers and users from unauthorized access from third parties. 

“Providing identity in a way that consumers can use is the holy grail of digital ID adoption,” he explained in a separate statement.

Several projects, including Web3 infrastructure provider Kaleido, ID verification solution Fractal, and Web3 community management system Collab. The land has already committed to integrating Polygon ID upon launch.

According to Polygon, they have a combined user base of over 4 million. Other Web3 projects include the metaverse platform The Sandbox and the blockchain builder community Guild, as well as XYZ, which is in the process of integrating Polygon ID. 

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