Puma Launches Its First NFT Shoes In The Metaverse

Puma, one of the world’s leading sports brands, announced the launch of “Black Station,” its first interactive metaverse experience, on September 7.

The company said Black Station will be a “dynamic destination to visit,” where Puma fans can enjoy the brand’s NFTs, which will primarily include sporting goods, in an immersive and interactive way.

Puma Revives Its Creative Journey

“Twenty years ago, Black Station was Puma’s home,” said Adam Petrick, Chief Brand Officer. Puma used Black Station to showcase its most innovative designs, which is why it revived the website to celebrate its commitment to innovation.

The boundaries we are pushing in product design and digital made us think it was time to bring back Black Station as a new digital exploration space for fashion, sports, heritage classics, and innovation. From the moment users enter the website, they can choose from a hyper-realistic digital lobby with three distinct portals to view exclusive, never-before-seen sneakers. NFTs linked to physical products can also be claimed after the Futrograde fair in New York has concluded by printing NitroPass passes. 

The Metaverse Is A Succulent Pie And Puma Wants A Piece of It

Regardless of the technological innovation provided by the metaverse network, it should be noted that Nike, one of Puma’s main competitors, has earned nearly $184 million through its non-fungible token (NFT) products. This is an open invitation to a market that is just getting started. The truth is that the metaverse network is open to all corporations that want to go beyond the physical world. Even major automakers, such as Ford Motor Company, have announced the filing of patents in order to enter the metaverse network with their most successful car collections. 

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