Queen Maxima of The Netherlands comes out in support of the Digital Euro

As part of a European Commission conference on November 7, he spoke virtually about developing a framework for creating a digital euro for citizens and businesses. By circumventing roadblocks like transaction fees and documentation requirements, the queen said that digital euros could assist underserved communities in increasing financial inclusion. An EU central bank digital currency could reduce the cost of remittances, but may require policy reforms and safeguards “to address difficulties and risks.”

The queen said it is the responsibility of public sector representatives to ensure an open, inclusive, and responsive financial system. ” Let’s envision that better future and create a digital euro that benefits all Europeans.”

Queen Maxima has sometimes used her platform, as the consort of the Netherlands since 2013, to advocate for health insurance and financial technology. As a constitutional monarchy, the Netherlands has been ruled by King Willem-Alexander since 1814, who holds essentially a symbolic role as president of its Council of State. Additionally, Queen Máxima is the Special Advocate for Inclusive Financing for Development in the United Nations Secretary-General.

In October, the Netherlands hosted the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, which attracted members of royalty, such as Prince Philip of Serbia, and policymakers, such as Nigel Farage, who used to be in the European Parliament.

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