Solana’s v1.17.31 mainnet beta update addresses congestion issues

The Solana Foundation said that continued network congestion was due to increasing demand for Solana block space and increased network activity.

Solana developers have published a mainnet beta version, v1.17.31, to address ongoing network congestion on the Solana blockchain. The update was launched on April 12 and, following three days of testing, mainnet beta validators have recommended it for wider use. 

This patch offers modifications that will help with some of the current network congestion, and it will be followed by additional improvements in v1.18. The current update will help to alleviate network congestion and concerns with the open interest leap. Some of the significant upgrades are:

  • Show staked vs. non-staked packets sent down/throttled
  • Take the quiz to see how to use smallvec to aggregate chunks and save 1 allocation for each packet
  • BankingStage Forwarding Filter
  • Tighten the minimal streams per 100ms for staked node
  • Treat super low staked as unstacked in streamer QOS
  • Default staked client in LocalCluster

Solana developer Anza requested that validators upgrade the newest patch only when there is less than a 5% delinquent stake. Delinquency in Solana refers to inactive validators, whereas percentage refers to the overall stake for offline validators. Thus, validators are only asked to install updates when there are fewer than 5% inactive validator stakes on the network.

Despite increased network activity and memecoin mania, the Solana network had congestion for nearly a week, with a transaction failure rate of up to 75%. While developers worked on the remedy, a Solana co-founder pointed out that the persistent network congestion concerns were caused by a bug rather than a network issue. The Solana Foundation attributed current network congestion problems to several factors, including high demand for Solana block space and delayed installation of patches to address network-related issues.

Austin Federa, Solana Foundation strategy lead, told Cointelegraph that developers had been working tirelessly to resolve the issue, but network demand had outpaced their timely intervention. Federa stated that engineers had “not been sleeping much” as they prepared fixes and tested features for the main net. However, Solana developers have devised a set of patches to address the persisting issue, the first of which was provided to developers on April 15.

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