Solana(SOL) Labs’ ChatGPT Plugin Unites Layer 1 Blockchain With AI

Solana Labs announced the availability of its ChatGPT plugin on Tuesday. According to the company, this solution, which is offered as a Github download, is the first layer 1 download to merge blockchain with artificial intelligence (AI).

Solana’s tweet announcing the deployment received over 10,000 views and multiple retweets. The reaction reflects, in part, the growing interest – and worry – at the rate at which AI is transforming several aspects of daily life. When you combine this quick development with the cybersecurity dangers of ChatGPT, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Solana Labs Stresses Programmability

Solana Foundation provided an in-depth interview with Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko on its main page as if anticipating the numerous questions that consumers will have. Yakovenko explained the benefits of crypto application programming interfaces (APIs) in his conversation with Jonathan Abramovich. He suggested that crypto APIs are “way better” than APIs that handle transactions for centralized service providers. “They lack trust and do not face the same issues that centralized service providers do.” They are more programmable, so an AI that can install smart contracts and conduct transactions is better and more powerful than one that cannot,” Yakovenko explained. According to him, the ChatGPT plugin is useful in this regard. It

Meta Raises Security Issues

Yakovenko did not address the major security risks of ChatGPT mentioned in a recent Meta study. Or the simplicity with which certain hackers exploit ChatGPT vulnerabilities to obtain personal information and money. Some users may associate ChatGPT with cryptocurrency as a result of the new plugin. But nowhere in the interview does Yakovenko concede that it is already in the worst conceivable way for some.

Guy Rosen, Meta’s chief information security officer, was quoted in a May 3 CNN story as saying how easily ChatGPT may be hacked. “From a bad actor’s perspective, ChatGPT is the new crypto,” Rosen explained. Malware is being used by bad actors to exploit ChatGPT vulnerabilities, he warned. It has been blocked since March, according to the business.

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