you can bid on that NFTs.

There are some NFTs that you can buy for a fixed price as well. In those cases, directly press the buys now button after you finalize your decision to buy NFT. The detail of the NFT which includes name, subtotal, and collection as well as the total amoNFTs is the biggest hit of this decade in the last two years. However, the NFTs marketplace is not that easy to operate but it’s not difficult either. Everyone wants their own NFTs, but the big question is how to get them? where to start, how to access, which NFT marketplace to choose and where to find the value of NFT. In this blog, we guide you through every single step that you must be aware of before buying your first NFT.

Steps to Buy NFT on a Marketplace

  1. Get Funds for your Wallet
  2. Browse the NFT collection on any marketplace.
  3. Select the NFT you wish to buy.

Step 1: Get funds for your Wallet.

To buy an NFT, investors must need funds in their digital wallets. On a marketplace like Opensea, you need Ether(ETH) to buy NFTs.To simplify the things we shall here take the example of the most famous web wallet used for NFTs, META MASK. If you are installing the wallet for the first time, be aware of phishing attacks and always cross-check the website URL. In case you don’t install your wallet, download the web extension for and connect it to the OpenSea or any other marketplace of your choice. To link to the marketplace, go to its application and click on the top right corner and then click on your profile. You shall be redirected to a new page prompting you to connect to your wallet. for this case you shall adopt MetaMask.All permissions must be granted to the marketplace, you have chosen for your wallet, and signature requests need to be signed. After the connection is made, you can check the available NFT collection on the marketplace.                                                                                                                 

Step 2: Browse the NFT collection on any Marketplace. 

Once you are introduced to the NFTs collections, you must choose which NFTs you wish to acquire. You can find a plethora of NFT collections available in the Marketplace. You can also use filters i.e Domain Name, sports, utility, top art, trending, etc. for your searches.

Step 3: Select the NFT you wish to buy.

When you finalize what you want, you can directly buy NFTs or there is an option to place a bid for some NFTs.You can purchase the NFT by making an offer to the original owner of the NFT in the bidding option. In such cases, ensure to check the number of offers that have already been made for that NFT, which gives you an idea of how much moneyunt to be paid appears. In the end, click on the confirm button to checkout.

NFT can be purchased by using various digital wallets. It offers direct purchase of NFT or by making a bid for the NFT. But investors must remain vigilant about spam and scams.