The Blockchain Capital X account has been hacked promoting a scam involving token claims

The account created several posts offering a token giveaway and directed viewers to a fake website where they could connect their crypto wallet.

The X (Twitter) account of Blockchain Capital, a crypto-focused venture capital business, appears to have been taken over by scammers aiming to entice users with the promise of a token claim.

On August 9, Blockchain Capital’s account published many posts promising a giveaway of “BCAP” tokens and directing viewers to a clone website that looked exactly like the VC firm’s original. After regaining control of the account, Blockchain Capital erased the posts.

The replica a website, which included an extra “n” in the URL to closely resemble the real one, invites users to connect their cryptocurrency wallet, a popular method used by phishing scammers to deceive users into signing a harmful transaction that drains cash. In an attempt to prevent others from alerting of the likely scam, the scammers tactically disabled commenting on the posts. Several X users reposted the posts alerting them to the scam effort. The hijacking of Blockchain Capital’s account comes just days after the FBI issued a warning about criminals taking over the social media accounts of well-known personalities in the crypto industry in order to direct consumers to harmful spoof sites.

A slew of fraud postings suddenly surfaced on pro-XRP lawyer Jeremy Hogan’s hacked X account, with harmful links to a phoney XRP exchange. 

Following the theft of Uniswap founder Hayden Adams’ X account in late July, Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao warned his 8.5 million X followers of an increase in phishing attacks. Zhao warned against utilizing text message-based two-factor authentication and instead suggested employing hardware devices.

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