The blockchain games are doing well despite FTX’s failure

Crypto markets have been shocked by FTX’s collapse and have lost billions of dollars. LUNA’s collapse and some crypto hacks have made this the worst year for crypto investors, and every trader, investor, and the crypto-related company has been adversely impacted. However, one sector stands out from the rest: blockchain gaming

Top gaming protocols

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of different gaming protocols, six gaming protocols dominate the gaming industry. 

WAX gaming protocol

The WAX is a unique gaming protocol that has seen an increase in the number of dUAW in the last three months. In October, it had an average of 329,529 daily unique active wallets, an 8.85% increase over September. Moreover, despite the FTX crash, the gaming dapp increased by 4.48% in November. Its dUAW in November was 344,284. 

Hive gaming protocol

It had an average of 169,655 dUAW in October, which increased by 4.94%. However, it fell 7.83% in November, reaching 156,369 dUAW. The activity remained the same in July 2022. 


It is one of those gaming protocols whose activity was declining even before the FTX collapse. Since September, its active users have been decreasing, and in October, its unique active wallets decreased by 4.33% to an average of 82,002 dUAW), while in November, it decreased by 8.8% to an average of 74,786 dUAW. 


Similarly, EOS activity has been declining since September. It fell 13% in October and 16.57% in November. 


Solana is the gaming protocol that has been hit the hardest by the FTX collapse. It lost 44.69% of its unique active wallets in October and now has 21,979 daily unique active wallets. In November, the decline was more pronounced, with activity falling by 89.42%. (on average, 2,326 dUAW). This is the lowest number of dUAW registrations we’ve ever had. 

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