The Netherlands ranked as a most crypto-curious European country

According to Dua Crypto’s European Crypto Index, the Netherlands is the most crypto-curious country among all 46 European nations. Slovenia and Switzerland came in second and third, respectively, according to Dua Crypto data, with the United Kingdom ranking 11th.

According to the study, Bitcoin (BTC) was the most preferred cryptocurrency in 35 of the 46 countries studied. Dogecoin surpassed Ethereum (ETH) to become the second most popular cryptocurrency. 

The research looked at over 40 million Google search queries from 46 European countries. To calculate each nation’s crypto curiousness, the queries were filtered by 191 of the most important crypto-related keywords. 

The Netherlands ranked first in the top 10 most crypto-curious countries

The Netherlands ranked first with 0.13 searches per capita, recording over 2 million search queries. Slovenia came in second place with 0.12. Despite finishing third, Switzerland’s search per capita was 0.08, a significant difference from Slovenia. The United Kingdom was ranked 11th, just below the Czech Republic, with 0.0621.

Belarus, Moldova, and Russia rounded out the top three, with 0.008, 0.0069, and 0.005 searches per capita, respectively. Kosovo, Monaco, and Vatikan were ranked 44th, 45th, and 46th on the list due to a lack of data. 

Dogecoin: second most preferred crypto

The study also demonstrated Bitcoin’s dominance in the region, as it emerged as the most preferred cryptocurrency in 35 of the 46 countries studied. It was also the most popular crypto option among the region’s top three most crypto-curious countries. 

Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Romania, and Moldova preferred DOGE over BTC, while Andorra preferred PancakeSwap. Overall, DOGE has surpassed Shiba Inu (SHIB) as Europe’s second most popular cryptocurrency. ETH, on the other hand, was ranked fourth in the region. 

Cardano (ADA), Terra Classic (LUNC), Axie Infinity (AXIE), and Stellar (XLM) were also listed as the third most popular cryptos in the Netherlands, Iceland, Andorra, and San Marino, respectively. 

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