The Netherlands tops new survey ranking of metaverse-ready countries

The Netherlands is ready to embrace the metaverse by establishing fixed broadband speeds and prices, It doesn’t matter whether customers are ready or not, the metaverse and digital reality experiences are rushing toward them. The digital future is more readily accepted in some regions of the world, however, from a technological perspective.

According to a study conducted by internet and telephone service provider which nations are most suited to embrace the metaverse is determined by factors such as the number of blockchain financial start-ups, broadband package prices, fixed broadband speeds, and the cost of high technology exports.

The Netherlands is at the top of the list due to its best infrastructure for supporting such technologies. The Netherlands has one of the study’s highest average fixed broadband speeds, at 106.51 Mbps. Furthermore, the country exported high-tech goods worth nearly $6,000 per person last year.

According to a different survey, the Netherlands also ranked first in terms of consumer interest in virtual reality. Switzerland, Malta, Lithuania, and France follow the Netherlands. It is well known that all the top five nations have expressed interest in the developing Web3 space. Malta, in particular, was a center for blockchain technology for a long time. 

The United States and the United Kingdom, two significant nations involved in the metaverse’s construction, came in seventh and twelfth place, respectively. Despite recent turmoil in the Web3 industry, the metaverse’s development continues.

According to Animoca Brands, a new music metaverse game platform recently acquired a controlling interest. This occurred shortly after the company announced plans for a $1 billion metaverse development fund.

Following comments by co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg that he will not let criticism and massive financial losses deter him from developing a metaverse platform, Meta, Facebook’s parent corporation, is once again in the metaverse spotlight. 

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