Twitter claims that after four trial days, it can outperform Elon Musk’s claims.

Twitter Inc. is seeking a lightning-fast trial to resolve its claim that billionaire Elon Musk wrongfully canceled his proposed $44 billion buyouts.

San Francisco-based company lawyers say they need only four days to prove that the world’s richest man should pay $54.20 a share for Twitter under his agreement. The party hopes to start the non-jury case on September 19.

However, legal experts assume that the hearing of the case will take about two weeks. Unlike some states, where it can take several years to bring a case to court, the Delaware Court of Chancery generally moves faster.

Chancery judges are known for their ability to cut through the legal complexities of complex merger and acquisition disputes more quickly and thoroughly than other US courts. Even complex business cases are frequently heard by a judge within six to seven months of filing.

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