Why Cryptocurrency is important for Investment.

Everyone has their own agenda for the investment in crypto, whether rapid and purposely or slowly over time. Investing in crypto is like child’s play compared with the day trading heavyweights who purchase and sell assets during stock market hours. For teenage customers, crypto may even seem unpreventable for our social media-driven future.

Most crypto investors are not in it for popular meme coins like Dogecoin. In fact, everyone from hobby traders to institutional investors like  JP Morgan is starting to see cryptocurrency, web 3, and metaverse as an opportunity-filled trifecta

Speculative Investing

Most commonly people who invest in cryptocurrency is to speculate on the price in the hope the asset will be more worth in the future. Everyone from Twitter thought leaders to Institutional wealth managers have made predictions as to when Bitcoin will hit $100,000. Adding a speculative sprinkling to one’s portfolio, somewhere between   1% and 10% is a common way to get exposure to volatile yet potentially profitable assets while protecting the rest of your money. If you believe in the crypto industry, making a calculated speculative investment is a way to put your money into the future you hope to see.

Investing in crypto as an Inflation Barrier

Due to Bitcoin’s built-in scarcity, Bitcoin is famous as an inflation hedge for years. It is also known as Digital Gold. Minting of Bitcoin will stop once the number of coins in circulation reaches its hard cap of 21 million. Due to quick mainstream adoption, Bitcoin’s value is projected to grow as demand enhances.

Investing in crypto as a store of value.

All crypto holds a value of some kind, even it is difficult to predict. Once you purchase, the vendor trades your crypto on an exchange to someone, you can store it in a hot wallet or cold storage device until you want to use it. Its value will continue to mature or fall based on the market.

Take part in Decentralized banking.

The biggest reason for people to invest in crypto is permissionless banking. A new generation of customers in a digital economy wants to eliminate the need for central banking institutions, along with their fees and oversight. Such a decentralized world is possible by making smart contracts. Their instructions are validated according to a coded, open-source algorithm that everyone can see on the blockchain.

Bitdenex brings traders of cryptocurrency together and thereby creates and built a healthy trading market. We don’t determine prices, but the market determines the prices that are paid for a particular coin or token. This is how we create a fair ecosystem for the available cryptocurrencies.