A big moment is coming for Ethereum with ‘The Merge.’

Blockchain moving from “proof of work” to “proof of stake” may change the game, but it is not without its concerns.

One of crypto’s key networks has been upgraded fundamentally, which has traders jockeying for position. Investors remain bullish despite uncertainties.

There is a big change in the air for crypto enthusiasts – and it’s not just a change of season. Everyone’s talking about The Merge. Despite years of delays, it would be Ethereum’s most ambitious software upgrade ever. A fundamental re-do of how Ethereum works would be undertaken as part of this upgrade – if all goes according to the very ambitious plan – involving a shift from “proof of work,” which requires a great deal of energy to perform. Ethereum would replace it with a “proof of stake” system, whose proponents say is significantly more energy efficient, but whose skeptics worry is less secure.

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