A Bitcoin Lightning solution will be offered by MicroStrategy in 2023

A Lightning Network solution from MicroStrategy includes Satoshi-powered marketing incentives and website security. The executive chairman of MicroStrategy has announced plans to release Bitcoin Lightning Network-powered software and solutions in 2023.

The company is exploring software and solutions that utilize the Lightning Network, such as enterprise marketing solutions and cybersecurity solutions aimed at corporate websites, according to a Twitter Space on Dec. 28. Lightning Network is a layer-2 payment protocol built on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain that allows off-chain transactions, increasing transaction throughput and lowering transaction fees.

The business intelligence and technology company, known for its massive Bitcoin holdings, has been looking to beef up its Lightning Network-versed team, hiring a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer to build a Lightning Network-based software-as-a-service platform recently.

Lightning infrastructure would also be able to be “spun up” by any enterprise in an “afternoon,” he said. The MicroStrategy chairman mentioned his “Lightning wall” cybersecurity concept once more, which is essentially a Bitcoin-based paywall that would protect websites from cybersecurity attacks by requiring visitors to deposit Satoshi.

Saylor explained that users wishing to access sensitive corporate websites must deposit “100,000 Satoshi” to “guarantee” safe passage, which is returned instantly once the user has completed their visit.  According to Saylor, the Lightning version of the “Netscape browser” will involve a Lightning wallet that stores dollars and various cryptocurrencies, and it will be developed within the next few years. He believes that if this wallet is created in a non-custodial manner, it could reach 100 million people. During the Twitter conversation, Saylor referred to the Lightning Network as the “internet of money” and lauded its “inspiring” progress. He stated that the company has teams working on it and plans to release something “next year,” but that it is more likely to show something in the first quarter. 

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