Ethereum Foundation unveils 2023 roadmap

In its 2023 goals, the Ethereum Foundation focuses on withdrawals after a successful 2022, in which small and big achievements were recorded, such as the highly anticipated merger.

2023: ethereum could have better withdrawal systems

The Ethereum Foundation‘s blog reports that the development, gardeners, and EF-supported teams have had an exceptional year in 2022. As described in the blog, the coming year will see improvements in withdrawals and the debut of EIP-4844 (proto-danksharding).

The team will continue to grow ethereum in the coming year through a series of development programs.  These are some of the significant activities that will take place in the ethereum community in 2023. 

Withdrawal functionality

Stakers will be able to easily transfer balances from the beacon chain to their accounts in the execution layer. The current system requires a new feature to make it easier for stakeholders to perform their tasks. As the consensus-layer core specs are near completion, the team is optimistic about launching the withdrawal functionality in 2023. Client testing teams have begun to test and implement the functionality. The Shanghai hard fork will kick off the new withdrawal system. 

EIP-4844 (proto-danksharding)

To meet the needs of users, the EIP-4844 consensus layer will need to be improved in the coming year. It will be an extension of the Capella upgrade. Current advancements have adjusted the layer, but it requires further improvement. Furthermore, the developer teams will improve client interoperability and devnets. 

EIP-4844 implementation will include available data to improve functionality during sharding upgrades. Because ethereum will accept data “blobs” through the beacon node, EIP-4844 will improve transactions. Because the blobs are small, Ethereum can increase compatibility and disc usage.

In addition, more sharding will be used in the coming year to help developers improve scalability and efficiency. Furthermore, the Ethereum team will use danksharding to provide more space for blobs, which the Ethereum protocol currently does not provide. 

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