The Ethereum validator supports ETH restaking on EigenLayernj’s new API integration allows intermediaries to stake and restake Ether on EigenLayer directly through, an Ethereum blockchain validator, and noncustodial staking tool provider, is integrating a new API to optimize staking rewards. has added an automated, end-to-end Restaking API, allowing users to restake Ether $3,859 using decentralized staking protocols such as EigenLayer, the company stated on May 27.

The recently released Restaking API interfaces with’s Ethereum API, allowing intermediaries to stake ETH and restake it on EigenLayer.

“Intermediaries are continually seeking ways to add value for their clients and differentiate their services in a crowded market,” Alex Esin, CEO of, stated. “With our new Restaking API, we are providing a powerful tool that does just that,” he stated, adding“Our clients can now offer their users the ability to easily restake ETH, maximizing their staking rewards and airdrop opportunities directly from their platforms.”Ethereum staking is participating in Ethereum’s transaction validation when the network switched from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm to a proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol in 2022.

Staking on Ethereum entails investing 32 ETH, or “locking up,” to activate validator software and earning staked ETH for storing Ether in a crypto wallet, exchange, or staking pool.

With Ethereum restacking, users can use staked ETH to stake on another Ethereum protocol while also extending crypto-economic security to extra network applications.

Ethereum restaking is a revolutionary concept in the cryptocurrency market, proposed by EigenLayer, which went live on the Ethereum main-net in April 2024.’s new Restaking API platform offers a variety of rewards, including staking and restaking awards, Secret Shared Validator incentives, EigenLayer future rewards, and upcoming Actively Validated Services airdrops, all accessible via a single integration point.

While restaking allows for new approaches to run varied blockchain projects utilizing staked Ether, there are several issues. One major problem concerning restaking is that money is repeatedly allocated to comparable validators, which increases both yield and risk.

In 2023, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed concern that restaking methods could expose the blockchain to substantial systemic danger.

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