Imprisoned Sam Bankman-Fried May Relent in Extradition Fight

Sam-Bankman Fried is expected to reverse course on plans to fight extradition from The Bahamas days after being reported as “in good spirits” at Fox Hill prison.

An extradition hearing has been scheduled for February 8 and the former executive’s legal team will appear in Bahamian court on Monday to waive its earlier notice. Bail had been denied and the exiled executive’s bail was revoked. News of the story was first reported by Reuters, then independently confirmed by multiple news outlets.

Bankman-Fried is facing at least eight criminal charges in the U.S., including wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Separately, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged him with orchestrating a scheme to defraud equity investors.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto celebrity who founded and was the CEO of one of the largest and most trusted crypto exchanges, perished along with the exchange. In this episode, Dan Roberts, Stacy Elliott, and Kate Irwin explain exactly how it happened, what it means for you, their own thoughts on the most interesting subplots, and what we can learn from it. Plus: We review some comments SBF and CZ made on this podcast that looks remarkable in hindsight. 

Extradition of people located abroad can take many months or even years to complete,  “Even if there are no immediate legal impediments to extradition, it may take many months or even many years for the extradition request to be heard by the courts, it’s noted 

According to the Washington Post, a prison official who interacts with Bankman-Fried on a regular basis said he was “a little arrogant” but “an It has been reported that he is a good teacher, a nice guy, who was “awfully scared.” The source said it seems he is now preparing to face the “music.”

Bankman-Fried is known for his dedication to veganism and outlined his food preferences and prescription medication needs in his unsuccessful $250,000 bail application. According to reports, he requested that vegan meals be delivered to him, despite COVID restrictions prohibiting visitors. In a statement on Thursday, Bahamas officials said Bankman-Fried was not receiving any special treatment at the facility, which has a capacity of 1,000 but is frequently overcrowded.

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